Safety Seal – your answer to Food Safe Decorations in and on Cakes

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Safety Seal is a revolutionary food safe product that allows you to place florist wires, fresh flowers and other non edible decorations directly into your cake by providing a Food Safe Barrier.  Safety Seal comes in a 120g pot which you melt in the microwave, simply dip your product in, allow to set and you are ready to place in your cake.   You will get many uses out of your pot as depending on the product you are dipping, it only requires  one or two dips to make safe your product.  You can also colour Safety Seal to ensure that it is disguised if part of the product shows above your cake.  Safety Seal is being readily accepted by many of the Cake Decorating Competitions out there, so check with your Association.


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2 Responses to Safety Seal – your answer to Food Safe Decorations in and on Cakes

  1. Patricia Thompson says:

    I am looking to use this product for the first time, can you please advise roughly how long fresh flowers look good before they start to wilt using safety seal.

    Kind regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Trish
      Fresh Flowers should generally be put in the day of the event especially in hotter climates as they will begin to wilt quite quickly.

      Kind Regards
      Cakes Around Town

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