Australia Day Cookies using Cake Crack (very easy)

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Australia Day Cookies

What you will need for these Cookies

Share with Friends and Family this Australia Day.


  1. Your Favourite Cookie Dough Recipe or you can use our Gingerbread Recipe shown in the Christmas Snowman Blog Entry.
  2. Cake Crack –
  3. Pastry Brush
  4. Cookie Cutters in shape of Kangaroo and Australia
  5. Lemon Yellow and Orange Americolor Gel Food Colours.
  6. Decoration (we made gumpaste thongs for the decoration together with gumpaste small rolled balls for the Kangaroos.

Roll out your cookie dough and cut your cookies out as per usual.  Prior to baking them mix up Cake Crack with a little water in a small dish to a smooth consistency.

Kangaroos –  Using the white Cake Crack and your pastry brush paint the Kangaroos in one direction only.  One layer of Cake Crack will give you small cracks on the cookies where as if you paint multiple times the cracks will be larger.

Australia Map – with the left over Cake Crack from the Kangaroos – colour this with a little Americolor Lemon Yellow – adding a touch of Orange for the Sunburnt Country look!  Mix well,  if need be add a little more water to get back to the smooth consistency.  Once again you can paint once with the pastry brush for small cracks or multiple times for larger cracks.

Then Bake your cookies as you usually do.  When you remove these from the oven you will have some unique and gorgeous Cracked Cookies ready to decorate as you wish.

Be Warned – using Cake Crack can be addictive you will want to find other treats to Crack!

Have Fun and Happy Australia Day for the 26th January!  Our Great Southern Land.

Australia Day Cookies with Cake Crack Finish

Australia Day Cookies with Cake Crack Finish




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