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BEST BEFORE 19.03.2019

Ambiante is a non-dairy cream designed for extra stable cake decorations. The sweetness of the product as well as its white color and its smooth texture makes it ideal for finished goods decorations that last up to several days.

Cakes deserve Ambiante,  Patissier chefs rely on Ambiante because it is extra stable and easy. Ambiante allows them to unleash their creativity : from total coverage to small flowers or thin stripes, everything is allowed.

On top of that the advantages Ambiante delivers :

Top performances in terms of decoration stability and tolerance

Exceptional overrun : when whipping, Ambiante volume reach up to 4 times the original quantity

Nutritional benefits : 24% fat, 20% sugar, dairy free


Thanks to Puratos UHT technology Ambiante Topping is UHT sterilized, which means it can be stored at room temperature (max. 20°C) for up to 9 months. It is ready to whip after only 12 hours in the cold room. In a nutshell, Ambiante is easy to store, easy to handle, easy to use.


Container 1 litre. Must be refrigerated before whipping.

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