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Americolor Powdered Food Colour - YELLOW - BEST BEFORE 31/5/22


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Best Before: 31 MAY 2022

Please note that "best before" date means that the quality of the product may deteriorate after the specified date, however most manufacturers provide "best before" dates that are well before the deteriorating period to ensure that the product is still at its best. This means that the product is still safe to consume and with proper storage you can prevent the product from deteriorating.

Americolor powdered food colors can be used to color candy as well as icing. Best used where liquid food colour is not an option.

It is very concentrated and mixes best into high fat content products, like chocolate.  

It can also be used in fondant, royal icing and where you need high color strength without dilution of the product you are coloring.

Bottle size 3g

Kosher certified and approved by the FDA.


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