2oz Anchor-Dit 56 grams


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When making a mold of an object, it is often necessary to adhere the object to the work surface. When making food grade molds, conventional adhesives should not be used due to toxicity and also due to the fact that they can inhibit the proper cure of food grade silicone.

Net 2oz tub - sold in smaller tubs as well.

Why Anchor Dit?

Anchor-Dit™ is a food grade, temporary adhesive that is used to adhere an object to a work surface so that silicone mold making materials do not creep underneath  it and interfere with the making of a good quality mold. Anchor-Dit™ also binds a buoyant object to a work surface so that it does not float when liquid silicone is poured over it.

Step 1

Adhesive for Silicone Moulds

Apply Anchor-Dit™ about a 1/16” to the bottom of the object and press the object down on a work surface so that the Anchor-Dit™ “smooshes” out all sides.

Step 2

Wipe the excess away

Wipe the excess Anchor-Dit™ away from the edges of the object with a soft cloth or a dry, firm bristled brush.

Step 3

Apply your moulding material to your sealed object

In this example, Silicone Plastique® is applied to the Anchor-Dit™ mounted object and also to an object where Anchor-Dit™ was not used.

Step 4

The result of using anchor -dit

n each of these images, the mold on the left was made using Anchor Dit™ and the mold on the right was made without Anchor Dit™. Notice how the opening of the left mold mold is clean, square cornered and without “flash” which refers to the thin seepage of silicone that found its way underneath the object.

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