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Australian Dollar Edible Wafer Money 2 sheets


Price:   $9.90
Stock on Hand: 2 end of line stock

Show us the EDIBLE Money.  2 Sheets of Australian Dollar bank notes, perfect for all sorts of cake decorating - Casino Themes, new Job, New Business, congratulations!

Pack includes 2 of $10, 2 of $20, 2 of $50 and 2 of $100 notes (as Shown above). Each note measure 14 by 6cm.

You cut them out with sharpscissors or a stanley knife.

They are best attached with clear piping gel or royal icing. Make sure it is not too wet.

Wafer paper is made from Potato Starch, vegetable oil and water and has no discernable taste.They are printed on one side only.

Please note SPECIMEN is typed in small red writing on the notes, so that no laws are broken because they look so real!

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