Baby Sweet Dreams Sugarcraft Silicone Mould


End of line and out of stock!

Baby Sleeping Design Sugarcaft Mould made out of silicone.

This mould is soft and pliable and possesses inherently good release properties, making demoulding of sugarpaste essentially trouble free.

It can withstand relatively high temperatures for short periods (up to 250C).

It can also be used and re-used many times over and washed with household detergent. We recommend washing the mould prior to first use.

Dimensions: 7cm from the top of the head to the tip of the toes, 2.5cm from the side of the knee to the other knee and 1.5 - 2cm high (depending on which section you are meauring). Please note these are rough measurements so it can be a 1 - 2 mm out.  

Superb Quality - Made in the UK by FPC.

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