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Black Pro Paint 25g - BEST BEFORE


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Best Before: END NOVEMBER 2019

Please note that "best before" date means that the quality of the product may deteriorate after the specified date, however most manufacturers provide "best before" dates that are well before the deteriorating period to ensure that the product is still at its best. This means that the product is still safe to consume and with proper storage you can prevent the product from deteriorating.

Pro Paint is a edible food paint made from high quality products.  You are able to achieve a strong colour from just one coat.

Pro Paint can be used on fondant, gumpaste and chocolate and dries very quickly with no residue.  Use with a brush or with a sponge for a water colour effect.    The black pro paint is a thick paint so although you can paint it on as it comes you can also dilute with a little rose spirit for a thinner consistency.

Wash your brushes thoroughly in water to maintain them once you have finished using your paints.  It is best practice not to let your paint dry on your brush.

Colours shown on your screen may vary due to resolution and cards of individual computers

The Black ProPaint is a very strong colour and can be diuted with Rose Spirit or used straight out the pot.


Made in Italy

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