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BLUE SKY SUGARTOOLS Large block number cutter set 12.8cm (5 INCH)


Price:   $25.00 $11.00
Stock on Hand: 20+

A complete large number cookie cutter set of 0-9.   These numbers are perfect for cutting out gumpaste numbers for the tops of cakes - great for cookies, chocolate and many more.

Made from quality 8/10 Stainless Steel and come in a beautifully packaged box by Blue Sky Sugartools.

Each number measures 12.8cm (5 Inches) in height and varies in width depending on the number.

Do not dishwash, wash in warm soapy water and dry in a cooled oven to ensure your cutters last you a lifetime.

Consisting of 9 numbers.  Please note the 6 and 9 is one cutter to be used in reverse.

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