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Cake Frame 3 Tiers Wedding Pack [CF-11363]

Price: $49.95
Stock on Hand: 13

Dawn Butler of Cake Frame invented these innovative Frames for Cakes!

Cake Frame the original is a ground-breaking internal support system for cakes, with novelty and multi-tiered cakes in mind. These cakes, and anything else that is inverted or gravity-defying, rely upon an internal support, previously accomplished by drilling wooden boards (often MDF!), and gluing metal or plastic plumbing piping to these! These materials, and often other items used, aren't designed for food-use and shouldn't be used in cakes! Cake Frame, however, is 100% food-grade and is designed with cake use in mind!

Cake Frame's clear, plastic rods and joints are designed to interlink seamlessly to each other, at 180 degrees, 90 degrees and even 45 degrees! This allows home bakers to assemble multi-tiered cakes confidently, and advanced cake decorators to build almost any design conceived, quickly and easily! The secret behind this is Cake Frame's hexagonal format. The pieces can be fitted together securely and seamlessly with no movement, allowing you to build away without having to worry about stability.

There are so many unique and cool applications for Cake Frame. Not only can you build gravity defying cakes, you can thread LEDs through to create illuminating cakes, motors for moving cake pieces. The only limit is your imagination!

Cake Frame is re-usable and is dishwasher safe.   Made in the UK from 100% food safe product.


In the wedding kit you will receive

1 x 10" Round Base Board

1 x Short Foundation

4 x Blanking Caps

1 x 4" Platform

1 x 6" Platform

2 x Collars

1 x Lock Nut

3 x 5cm Medium Rods

2 x 2.5cm Small Rods





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