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Cake Lace Mat - VINTAGE BOWS


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Adding to the 3D collection, Claire has designed this innovative new mat, the Vintage Bows. coming in three different sizes, this mat shows you just how easy it is to create a real 3d bow with edible lace!

The Vintage Bows Lace Mat is a brand new style of mat never seen before; a 3D Lace mat! Due to the different depths of the design in the mat, any lace you create with this mat will have natural 3D highlights. The Vintage Bows Mat is brilliant for cupcakes, or with the larger bows, larger cakes too!

The Vintage Bows Lace Mat comes with three different size of bows, consisting of both 3D and conventional 2D elements, and can also be used as an impression mat.

Use this with Cake Lace, to apply beautiful edible lace to wedding cakes, celebration cakes, or anything else! PLEASE NOTE TO MAKE 3D BOWS, YOU NEED TO USE PREMIX CAKE LACE. For 2D bows, you can use white cake lace.

You can attach Cake Lace by brushing a tiny amount of water onto your sugarpaste, and gently press your Cake Lace onto this.

Measurements are the full length and width when flat on the mat.

Bow 1 W: 2" x L: 3" (5.2cm x 7.6cm)

Bow 2 W: 3.1" x L: 4.2" (8cm x 10.7cm)

Bow 3 W: 4.7" x L: 6" (12cm x 15.4cm)

Check out the video below as Claire Bowman demonstrates how to use these mats.

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