Cookie Cutter Texture Set- BABY ONESIE (GROW SUIT)


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Create unique, fun, embossed cookies perfect for Baby Showers, Christening gifts and cake decorating.

Each set contains 1 Baby Onesie Cookie Cutter, and 3 different texture embosser sheets including as shown

So easy to use with such stunning effects simply bake your cookie and allow to cool completely.
1.Spray the chosen texture sheet with a little cooking spray  and wipe excess off with a clean paper towel.
2. Roll our your sugarpaste/fondant to about 3mm thick.
3. Place texture mat on your work surface with the side you want to use facing up.
4. Place rolled out fondant over the top and roll over once with a rolling pin.
5. Turn over and remove mat
6. Cut out the embossed fondant with the cookie cutter and secure on to your cookie using a little edible glue, buttercream or piping gel.

The added advantage of these embosser sheets is that they can be used on either side, one side leaves a recessed imprint and on creates the same pattern but raised.
Due to the embosser sheets having an all over design they also work beautifully for decorating the top of cupcakes and mini cookie cutters.

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