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CRISCO All-Vegetable Shortening 16oz (1lb) [UF-CRISCO1lb]

Price: $8.95
Stock on Hand: 20+

Crisco vegetable shortening has 50% less fat than butter and is perfect for cooking and baking.  Crisco shortening is especially useful for buttercreams that set firm. 

Crisco all- vegetable shortening in a 1lb can. 


Great for cooking & baking.  Perfect for adding to your gumpaste and pastillage recipes.


Use Crisco  instead of butter or margarine.


Download Free Recipe - SPICY APPLE CAKE RECIPE






Rating  5 stars from 4 review(s)
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love this so much by on 01/22/2017  Rating

i use this on my bench so that fondant doesn't stick and i love it so much would definitely recommend to everyone that has the same problem.

no more gum paste sticking by on 10/22/2016  Rating

I've always had trouble with my gum paste sticking not any more, it makes removing from the moulds/ cutters so easy, and I also add a small amount if my gum paste has gone dry brings it back to life. not greasy at all

Converted by on 02/19/2015  Rating

I never bothered using shortening in favour of cornflour because it was easier to find and I hate greasiness. I bought this tin just to give it a try and was amazed how much easier it was to use than cornflour. A little goes a very long way, so this tin will last me for a while. It also has only a very light oiliness which I could tolerate. A light rub over my non stick rolling pin and it actually became non stick - previously I've had issues with it sticking to gumpaste anyway and didn't like the powdery r

An exceptionally useful product to have in your kit when working by on 01/12/2015  Rating

Crisco is terrific for adding to slightly dried up fondant, it brings it back to life in a matter of seconds and helps avoid wasting fondant most of the time. It is soft, stored at room temperature and therefore much easier to use than anything available here in Australia in our local supermarkets. I find it very handy to lightly coat my hands in Crisco to prevent thin paste from sticking to my hands on dry days, when fondant tends to dry quickly and icing sugar/cornflour aren't an option. This is an except

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