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Cupcake/Cookie Texture Tops Set of 3 - WHIMSY BLOOMS - DISCONTINUED


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This product is listed as a discontinued item.   There will be NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS available for this item.

Whimsy Blooms Cupcake/Cookie Texture Tops Set of 3.

Comes in 3 mats with each mat containing a single design repeated four times.

Mats are 7-5/8 x 7-5/8" in size with the design measuring approximately 3 1/4".

Helpful Hints

  • For best flavor, generously ice the cupcake with a delicious icing before adding the fondant circle. Rolled fondant should be thin.
  • Use either side of the mat. One side will give a raised impression, while the other will give a recessed impression.
  • The diameter of baked and iced cupcakes may vary according to recipe, amount of batter, and amount of icing used. Choose a cutter sized to completely cover the top of the iced cupcake.

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