Edible Ink Cartridges C535set - 5E Canon Printers


End of line and out of stock!

We will no longer be stocking this product after current stock runs out. 

The printers that fit these cartridges are no longer available and when they eventually break down can not be replaced. Shame really because they produced far superior results to the current Canon offerings.

Introducing our C535SET  Series Edible Ink Cartridges for use with some older Canon Printer and Multifunctional models which require a microchip on each cartridge.

Our Edible Ink is imported from Italy and is the best on the market for Canon Edible printing.

This tanks set has all required Microchips already installed. Auto Reset Chip that Allows for filling.

Trying to work out what printer you need? There are so many to choose from.  See the list here that works with edible print cartridges. 


THIS PRINTER CARTRIDGE FITS THE FOLLOWING CANON PRINTERS (purchased in Australia) ONLY IP4850 - IP4950 - IX6550 (A3 printer) - MG5150 -MG5250 - MG5350  - MX885


Please note we do not support the maintenance or purchase of printers.  We only supply the cartridges. 

PGI-525BK - Large Black

CLI-526BK - small Black


CLI-526M - MAgenta

CLI-526Y - Yellow

Chip Resetting Instruction for PGI520/CLI521 and PGI525/CLI526

Your cartridge is with a Auto Reset chip, so when you finish the filled ink and need to refill edible ink into the cartridges, you will need to reset the chip before using. Method to reset the Auto Reset Chip is quite simple, that you take the finished cartridge out of your printer and then install the cartridge back to printer, the chip is automatically reset to full.         

Special notice: When the chip is reset to full, please also fill the edible ink full, in that case the chip data can match the real ink volume.    

Possible problem: When your printer is saying the cartridge is empty when they are not.    

Solution: Take the cartridge out of printer and fill the cartridge full and install back to printer.

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