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Edible Cupcake Decorations White Bones Single - PICK UP ONLY


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Dog Bones 2.5cm in white have fun with these and match them with our white paw prints for a backyard creation. Can also be painted with edible paint. Imported from the USA and hand painted. FDA and Kosher approved.   KOSHER Certified.

These are colorful sugar shapes, a sugar cube shaped into a design and hand decorated with food coloring. So simple and easy to use to create absolutely instant decorations on cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, brownies, Rice Krispies treats and other desserts. The shelf life is the same as sugar cubes you purchase at the grocery store for coffee and tea, almost forever if kept sealed in their container and stored in a cool pantry or cabinet.

Made from 100% Sugar and certified food coloring. May Contain: Soy Protein, Egg Whites, Frozen Egg Whites, Modified Food Starch, Trietryl Citrate, Guar Gum, Wheat and/or Barley Flour.

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