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Flexique® is a unique combination of edible ingredients, delicately balanced together to maximize pliability and durability.

It is a gelatin-based compound with an extremely wide variety of uses. Flexique can be used on its own to create edible fabric and other flexible, durable decorations; it can be used as an additive to enhance benefits of other products like isomalt, pastillage, fondant, gumpaste, confectionery coating, and wafer paper; it can be applied as a protective coating to edible images to keep them from smudging or tearing, or as a food-safe barrier to protect edible projects from non-edible materials; and it can be used in combination with transfer sheets.

It is used as a heated liquid mixture, applied by either brushing or pouring it on to a nonstick surface or edible sheet, or by pouring it into molds or even by brushing it onto skin.

It can be colored, flavored, lustered, or scented to match the cake on which it is used.

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