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FooDoodler Edible Pens THICK - 8 set


Price:   $14.99
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Pack of  8  colours imported from the USA. Thicker  than our professional series so perfect for little hands to do do their own decoration! Our kids loves them.

Use FooDoodler Food Coloring Markers just like you would an ordinary marker. They are perfect for kids' edible crafts, and as cake and cookie decorating tools. Use as Halloween decorations, Christmas ornaments or just Food Doodle-it's fun and delicious, too!

Cookie decorating is made easy with FooDoodler Food Coloring Markers. Use your favorite cookie recipe, color your own cookie, or try our cookie coloring kits. When using your own cookies gently ice with Royal Icing, let harden then decorate and enjoy.

Helpful hints:

The FooDoodler Food Coloring Markers are best when used on hard, non-fat, non-glazed surfaces. When using the FooDoodlers on non-smooth items such as white bread, dab your design onto the bread slowly and carefully. It is also helpful to wipe the tip of the marker with a damp paper towel as you color along.

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