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Goodman Fielder Dark Coverture Chocolate 58% - 500g

[BCD-87012 500g]

Price:   $12.00
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Cacao Ivory is a a premium Goodman Fielder Chocolate Line.

500g Bag of supreme tasting coverture chocolate with a smooth finish.

Tested by the cake master Greg Cleary of Sweetums Designer Cakes who gave is 5 stars for making Ganache!!

Ingredients:  Cocoa Mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier, flavour

"Cocoa mass from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Ecuador and other exotic locations are blended and mixed with the best ingredients sourced from the finest suppliers from Europe to Australia."

Store in a cool dry environment.

Please note that a condition of purchasing this product is the knowledge that the product might have melted in the summer heat when in transport. 

The product itself will still be suitable for use.


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