High Ratio Shortening (1.36 kg) - DISCONTINUED


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CK Products have discontinued this item. We will no longer be stocking this product as it is no longer available.  There will be NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS available for this item.

Vegetable Shortening 1.36 kilograms (3lbs)

White vegetable shortening that doesnt need to be kept in the fridge and is an excellent replacment in recipes that call for Crisco - the American branded shortening. This high ratio shortening is imported from the USA!

Brilliant for buttercreams when you want to keep them white and taste less greasy!

So what is High Ratio Shortening?
It is one hundred percent fat with added emulsifiers, white in color and does not contain any added salt or water. The difference between high ratio shortening and regular shortening is that it contains microemulsifiers that allows your mixture to hold more sugar and liquid. It also gives a finer and smoother texture to cakes and help keep them moist, as well as keeps icings more stable with a less greasy mouth feel.


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