An Introduction to Airbrushing by Dawn Butler DVD - DISCONTINUED


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An introduction to airbrushing is precisely that. This informative guide will show you everything you need to get started. From assembly, maintenance and cleaning of the airbrush, to how to change the definition of your spray, using a wide spray, making it suitable for covering a whole cake with colour or finer spray for more precise detail.

Learn some airbrush secrets to one of Dawn's popular novelty cakes. She will take you through every step, spraying with a number of different airbrush techniques. In this section you will learn invaluable skills such as blending and shading, colour mixing, how to spray detail on to smaller items and finally stencilling.

Each of these techniques can produce stunning effects, and with very little practice, you too can achieve superb results. It is easy if you know how, so why not let Dawn show you in this DVD.

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