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Macaron Mix by Bakels 500g [317012]

Price: $14.95
Stock on Hand: 9

500g bag of Macron mix.  Just add water to this premix to make your Macrons like a professional.

Made of Egg whites, sugar and almond meal, you can choose to flavour these little delights with our range of Lorann oils!


Bakels Macron Mix - 500g

Water - 105g

Americolor Gel paste for colouring*

*if you using liquid colours , reduce the water by the amount of colour added. You do not want your mixture to become to wet. We do recommend gel pastes for the best outcome.


Place water, colour into a bowl (must weigh 105g).  Add 500g of your macron mix. Blend for one minute and scrape down sides.  Then blend on top speed fo 6 minutes, allowing that air to get into the mixture to make for a lighter batch.

Pipe onto trays using a large round nozzle or medium coupler without a tip.  Allow to stand for 20 minutes until a skin has formed on the top and the batter has lost its shine.  You should be able to touch the batter and it will not stick to your hand.

Bake at 160 degrees for 20-25 minutes. If you are using a fan forced overn we recommend a temperature of approx 145 degrees.

Allow to cool completely. Sandwhich with ganache or buttercream. Flavour your buttercream with Lorann oils for that beautiful surprise.

Will make approximately 16-20 small macrons, 12-14 large macrons.

Our opinion: We found the mix to be delicous with a centre of chocolate ganache whipped.  We coloured with Americolor gel pastes avocado and forest green mixed.  Once you have beaten the mixture the colour will lighten, so take this into account when adding your colour.

The mixture is a little heavier than their home made french version, however theyoutcome was surprising given we had never made macrons before.  The shape and texture was very good. (see below for the outcome)



Rating  3 stars from 3 review(s)
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Great result, simple process! by on 05/29/2017  Rating

It took me a couple of tries to get these right, and I found I needed about 10ml more water than the intstructions say- but I've found they give a consistent and predictable result. The outer shell doesn't seem quite as crunchy as Other recipes I've followed but the centre is chewy, and once baked and filled they have as good a shelf life as any I've made from scratch.

Tricky, but beautiful. by on 09/07/2015  Rating

Finally got a batch right! Very sensitive to oven temps, so calibrate using a good thermometer, and measure twice! Timings are very exact, and when piping use the correct pull away technique to prevent those unsightly top peaks. Pairs very well with fillings flavoured with LorAnn oils!

Bakels Macaron Mix by on 05/08/2015  Rating

I"m not really a fan of the Bakels macaron mix it was quite thick and when i piped it on baking paper it leaves a stiff peak after you lift your piping bag and it just doesn't look right . I followed the directions on the pack and it didn't look as nice and shiny as I had hoped.

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