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Modelling Tools Set of 8 PINK


Price:   $9.90 $3.96
Stock on Hand: 20+

Set of 8 tools in pack. Included in pack: 1 Bone Tool,  Blade and Shell,  Ball Tool,  Scallop and Comb, Serrated and Taper Cones,  Start Taper Cones,  Bulbous Cone and 10 Flower/Leaf Shaper.

Excellent quality and value for the proffessional decorator and in gorgeous DEEP coloured Cakes Around Town pink.

Tool No.




Bone Tool
Both ends may be used for making indentations such as eyes and mouths.  Can also smooth curves and hollow out the inside of a shape or cup and frill petals in flower making.


Serrated & Taper Cones
The taper cone is useful for hollowing out cones and making fruit with modelling paste, while the serrated cone can be used to indent the top of fruit, make buttons and create decorative embossing patterns.


Ball Tool
Ball tools are ideal for shaping and frilling petals and leaves in flower making.  They can be used for moulding hollow shapes, animal and figure modelling, eye sockets and other features.


Blade & Shell Tool
Use the shell shaped tool to create simple embossed patterns onto a cake or board.  The blade makes perfectly clean, straight cuts and markings without cutting through your silicone mats.


Flower & Leaf Shaper
The flower and leaf modelling tool is ideal for shaping and veining petals and leaves in flower making.  Also used for shaping in modelling.


5 & 6 Star Taper Tool
The star taper tool is ideal for creating the throat of flowers and fruit in flower making and modelling. It is also useful for producing embossed star patterns.


Bulbous Cone
The bulbous cone is used for thinning edges and frilling.  Both ends are extremely useful when modelling animals, figures and flowers.


Scallop & Comb Tool
The scallop tool is invaluable for marking smiles, eyes and eyebrows on faces.  It is also useful for fish scales and cutting circular holes in plaques.  The comb is used to mark dotted lines to represent stitching or score parallel lines.

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