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Pro Paint Craft Brushes Set of 6


Price:   $19.95
Stock on Hand: 20+

ProPaint brings you a premium quality set of 6 Professional Craft Brushes.

The set consists of:-

Size 1  Fine Brush for painting and creating fine detail.  Eg facial expressions on figurines and outlines.

Size 3  An essential brush for any decorator.  Useful for attaching decorations using edible glue.  And for painting with edible paints.

Size 5 For slightly thicker brush strokes with edible paint or blended shadows with dusts.

Size 6 (flat brush)  Used for Dusting or thickening painting. 

Size 8 (flat brush) Perfect decorators brush for dusting and adding powders to flowers, leaves and models.

Size 8 Dusting Brush - For blended colours and giving overall colour to larger items eg, chocolate sails and larger decorations.

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