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Patterned Buttons Silicone Sugarcraft Mould


Price:   $12.95 $3.88
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Gorgeous and different shaped and patterned buttons mould. So many uses.  Looks divine on top of a cupcake. 

The whole mould dimension is 90mm x 60mm.

This mould is made out of a silicone system specially formulated for use in food and confectionary and complies to FDA & EU regulations.

Can be used with

  • Sugarpaste/Modelling paste
  • Ice
  • Butter
  • Polymer clay
  • Marzipan

For obtaining fine details, tap in small amount of paste with a small rolling pin. Roll gently over the mould and remove excess paste with a ribbon insertion or blade tool. For easy release, the moulds can be lightly dusted with cornflour or lightly greased with a cake release agent. A nice little tip for using cornflour is to use a nappy liner and a rubber band. Place the cornflour in the centre of the nappy liner, then tie together to make a little napsack - that is then perfect for dusting your moulds!

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