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Photo Backdrop Linen & Lime


Price:   $49.95
Stock on Hand: 20+
Please note we cannot send this item via Express Post or to destinations outside of Australia. This item ships individually.
Linen and Lime Texture looking backdrop.  Has a hessian type appearance with a slight green tinge which offset cakes and craft that have greenery beautifully.  Use vertically, horizontally or flat.
Gorgeous back drops for taking photos of your favourite things - cakes, craft work and food.  The perfect size to tape to walls and benches with ease to take professional looking snaps in minutes.
Each drop measures 130cm by 100cm & is made from durable vinyl and printed with eco solvent inks.  Each backdrop has a white border so you can use the maximum amount of backdrop for your photo.
How To Use:
Tape to a wall with painters tape.  Ensure the area you are using has a good amount of natural light.  Soft light can be found in areas of open shade, such as window light, patio light, or garage. Set up at a 45 degree angle to the light and take some test shots.  Use a large piece of white paper as a reflector on the opposite side to the light source if you are seeing too many shadows.
Style it:
When you consider your styling think about your brand.  Photos that are consistent in style and match your branding will give a truly professional finish.  Professional shots can be achieved with smart phones.  Professional cameras will always give a great result. Think about taking photos from above with the Photodrops lying flat for unique perspective.
You can iron out any creases with a damp towel and iron.  Carefully lay the Photodrop face side down.  Place the damp towel over it and iron with a no steam, medium temperature setting. 

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