Photo Backdrop White Brick & Dark Floor Two Way


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Please note we cannot send this item via Express Post or to destinations outside of Australia. This item ships individually.
White Painted Brick and Dark Floor.  Can be used horizontally, vertically or even flat to look like a table or floor. 20inch wide floor now allows for items with larger bases or cake boards that are large.
Gorgeous back drops for taking photos of your favourite things - cakes, craft work and food.  The perfect size to tape to walls and benches with ease to take professional looking snaps in minutes.
Each drop measures 130cm by 100cm & is made from canvas to ensure flawless photography.
How To Use:
Tape to a wall with painters tape.  Ensure the area you are using has a good amount of natural light.  Soft light can be found in areas of open shade, such as window light, patio light, or garage. Set up at a 45 degree angle to the light and take some test shots.  Use a large piece of white paper as a reflector on the opposite side to the light source if you are seeing too many shadows.
Style it:
When you consider your styling think about your brand.  Photos that are consistent in style and match your branding will give a truly professional finish.  Professional shots can be achieved with smart phones.  Professional cameras will always give a great result. Think about taking photos from above with the Photodrops lying flat for unique perspective.

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