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Quality Chocolate Thermometer [80-300]

Price: $39.95
Stock on Hand: 8

Combination spatula & thermometer makes tempering & melting chocolate fool proof

Chocolate specific temperature guide on spatula

Soft textured handle for excellent gripability

Rounded tip designed to thoroughly combine ingredients.  A tool for professional use.

Easily washes clean with hot water


Rating  1 stars from 1 review(s)
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Re-design needed. Ridged Glass Thermometer inside somewhat flexi by on 06/26/2014  Rating

This thermometer broke the first time I used it. I thought it was going to make chocolate tempering a breeze, but it wasted over a kilo of Callebert Chocolate. You see what happened is, normally I only ever temper what I know I need. But the "submerge" line required twice as much chocolate to be used to cover the base of the thermometer. As I was stirring the chocolate over a water bath, I noticed the plastic cover over the ridged glass thermometer, bending a little, so I took it out and used a wooden spo

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