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Quick Dry Liquid - 50ml - BEST BEFORE


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This product is listed as a discontinued item. We will no longer be stocking this item.  There will be NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS available for this item.

This Quick Dry Liquid is perfect for making your own edible paints.

Mix with dusts to a smooth paste consistency and paint on fondant, chocolate, gumpaste.   It dries super quickly, extra coats of your edible paint will deepen the colour. It leaves no residue after paint is dry!

When working with Quick Dry Liquid always have a small dish of Rose Spirit on hand that you rest your paint brush in, this will maintain your paint brush whilst you are working or waiting for the product to dry.   Never leave the paint brush out as the Quick Dry Liquid will dry on your paint brush and make it hard to clean. 

Cleaning - as Quick Dry Liquid is a super fast drying product as soon as you have finished painting your project, immediately wash your brush in Rose Spirit, and once completely clean in the Rose Spirit wash the brush under warm/hot water to wash off the excess and your brush will remain as good as new.

Made in Italy

50ml in size

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