Rolkem DYOCELL SUPERFINE Cream Stabiliser & Fondant Hardener 80ml


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ROLKEM Dyocell was specially formulated by the ROLKEM Laboratory to ease the mixing process of  modeling paste. REMEMBER - If it does not say ROLKEM Dyocell, it is not Dyocell!

Applications & Benefits:

Mix into fondant icing to mix modeling paste

Improved freeze and thaw stability

Improves elasticity in fondant

Emulsifies fat to prevent oxidation

Sugar Art dries remarkably fast

Can be used as a cream or mousse stabliser.

Directions for use:

Mix one teaspoon of Dyocell into 100gram fondant until dry and brittle. Dip into water, work through and repeat until desired texture.

To use as a Cream Stabliser

Simply whip 500ml fresh cream until it is slightly stiff. Carefully and evenly sprinkle over 1 heaped tsp of dyocell making sure not to leave any lumps on top of the cream. Continue to whip the cream until it is stiff. This quick and easy stabilizing method will allow your whipped cream to keep for up to 3 days

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