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ROUND THIN (10 inches) Cake Setup Board 254mm by 6mm - DISCONTINUED


Price:   $18.00 $11.00
Stock on Hand: 12 end of line stock

This product is listed as a discontinued item.   There will be NO RETURNS and NO REFUNDS available for this item.

This is a thinner ROUND setup board of 6mm thickness.   Work boards are able to be used over and over again to seet up your cakes when ganaching.  Use the squares on top of your cakes to help make your edges super sharp.

Want to see how work boards are used - see this blog from Not Quite Nigella when she does a class with Faye Cahill.  The base for setting up, ganaching and the fondanting cakes are all done on work boards or as some call them set up boards. CLICK HERE TO SEE BLOG TUTORIAL

THIS BOARD MEASURES: Diameter 254mm by 6mm high (10 inches by 1/4 inch thick)

Made especially for us - see our other sizes in the range!

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