Squires Kitchen's Guide to Working with Chocolate (hardback)


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Squires Kitchen’s Guide to Working with Chocolate is the perfect companion for chocoholics, dinner party hosts, pastry chefs, hobbyists and cake makers who want to create amazing handmade chocolates in their own kitchen. Working with a handful of basic equipment and using just four simple techniques, master chocolatier Mark Tilling shows you how to create your own boxes of truffles, chocolate decorations for cakes and cupcakes, and decadent desserts. What’s more, every stage of the process is shown in a colour photograph, so you can see step-by-step how to turn a bowl of chocolate into a beautiful creation!

Whether you’re cooking for friends, making delicious gifts or catering for a wedding, Mark’s expert help and advice will ensure that your efforts never fail to impress. With easy instructions and full-colour images throughout, this indispensable guide will give even the absolute beginner the confidence to create their very own chocolate masterpieces.

• Ways to temper chocolate for flawless results, including photographs of every stage.
• Simple techniques with chocolate for making beautiful decorations.
• Easy, versatile recipes for desserts, truffles, cakes and cupcakes

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