Tutorial - Video Tutorial Unicorn Cake


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See Below for items required to make this cake.

1 x Premium Gumpaste (900g)

1 x Americolor Lemon Yellow Gel (horn, ears and eyes)

1 x Americolor Electric Purple (buttercream mane)

1 x Electric Yellow (buttercream mane)

1 x Soft Pink (buttercream mane)

1 x Electric Blue (buttercream mane)

1 x Rolkem Gold Crystal Dust

1 x Dowel Rod for shaping Horn

1 x Small Piping Gel

1 x  Sugar Flower Glue

1 x White buttercream (for mane)

1 x Heart Cookie Cutter (outer ear)

1 x  Heart Cookie Cutter (inner ear)

1 x Icing Tip 852

1 x Icing Tip 869

1 x Icing Tip 30

1 x Icing Tip 199

1 x Gold Cachous 4 mm

Additional Tools you will require to complete your Tutorial 

Sweetcut Mat

Cornflour Bag

Fondant Smoother

Paint Brush

Baking Paper

Tooth Picks 

2 x 7" Cakes Sandwiched together to height of approximately 17cm.

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