Velvet Spray - Neutral Colour 250ml by Solchim


Stock on Hand: 2

This is a dessert spray that gives your cold desserts a Velvet Finish.  Works only on Frozen and Cold Desserts.  Remove dessert from the freezer and spray immediately with the Velvet Spray.  Shake well before use and spray a thin layer at about 8" (20cm)  distance from dessert.

Ensure that you have kept the Spray can for at least 2 hours at between 20-25° before use. 

Your desserts will look like a masterchefs!

Ingredients:  Propellant,  Butane E943a, E943b, E944 Cacao butter, colourings

This item cannot be sent by express post and cannot be sent internationally.

If the nozzle gets block you can clean in boiling water.

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