Wholesale & Trade

Yes we do supply CERTAIN products at discounted trade prices to registered ABN bakers - by this we mean you the baker has to own the ABN, the ABN cannot be registerd to a business that is not directly related to the baking industry. If you apply for a wholesale account and the ABN belongs to another business or family trust, we will not approve it. There is minimum of $100 spend per order and a annual spend of $1200 to secure the competitive pricing we offer to trade. Should the required $1200 not be spent in a 12 month period your account will automatically revert to retail.  Note: if you are not spending $100 per order, then we suggest a retail account.

How to Apply for a Trade Account:

Create an online account (Link below) with your ABN details and registered business address details. If there is doubt over you business we will ask you to further provide evidence that you operate a business in baking or related fields.


  1. Click above and enter your name and email address to create an online account. 
  2. Please then email once completed wholesale@cakesaroundtown.com.au - so that we can then confirm your business details and switch your account over to our trade prices.


You will then be able to login and access our competitive pricing. All trade orders must be placed online with a minimum order of $100.00. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU PLACE AN ORDER WITHOUT YOUR TRADE ACCOUNT BEING APPROVED, WE CAN NOT APPLY TRADE PRICES TO ORDERS ALREADY PLACED IN OUR SYSTEM. All retrospective orders will be viewed at retail prices and no further discounts offered.

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